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Our Favorite Paint Colors for 2021

Every year Pantone releases a color trend of the year, but 2021 comes with a surprise as they recently announced two. A union if you will, of the familiar grays we have been seeing the past few years, Ultimate Gray, with an optimistic yellow, Illuminating. The senario seems quite fitting after the ups and downs of 2020. Serenity Homes and Renovations expects to see warmer color palettes throughout paint selections this year as well.

Picking the perfect paint color can be tricky. With so many colors to choose from, flipping through a paint deck or standing in front of a color display at your favorite paint store can be overwhelming. We've gathered our top picks for 2021:

A paint color will look different in the natural day light vs artificial light used in the evening, so we always recommend getting paint samples to test on walls before diving in.

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