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  • What is our process?
    Below is the general progression of our building process. We will provide a detailed, step-by-step guide of each phase of building upon completion of the Intent to Build contract. An Intent to Build will secure your place on our schedule. You will have several meetings with the builder and interior designer, vendor meetings, and on-site milestone walk-throughs.
  • What are our options for floor plans?
    We have a number of plans to choose from. Feel free to contact us for a list of our plans. You may choose one of our stock plans, modify one of our stock plans, create a plan search with our architect to browse through options that fit your needs, or create a plan from scratch. We love that moment when a client finds the perfect plan!
  • How long does it take to build a house?
    For a house under 3,000 finished square feet, our goal is around six to seven months. The pre-planning stage usually takes a month and a half to three months which includes securing a lot, creating or modifying plans, pulling permits, and beginning the design selections. A completion date is based on the selection efficiency, number of changes throughout the build, building materials and labor availability, and of course, Iowa's weather.
  • Who will carry the construction loan?
    The construction loan is usually the responsibility of the homeowner, but with a larger down payment we can discuss Serenity Homes & Renovations carrying the loan, if needed. When carrying a construction loan, your mortgage payments will not start until after the home is completed and you have closed. We are happy to make the process easy with the assistance of our preferred lenders. Our preferred lenders: Dan Fitzgerald, Construction & Land Development Vice President, West Bank, 515-222-2339 Nicol Hoover Real Estate Loan Officer Vice President, City State Bank 515-981-1382
  • Do you have a standard features list or base model?
    As a custom homebuilder we build one-of-a-kind homes and you will find the flexibility to make choices. We will educate you on the benefits and costs associated with all your available options. This approach is what allows our clients to truly experience what it means to build a custom home.
  • Who will be my point of contact during building?
    The owners of Serenity Homes & Renovations. We are a husband and wife team that works closely with our clients. How close? You will have our personal cell phone numbers and email. Getting to know and building relationships with our homeowners is one of our favorite parts of the building process!
  • How do you keep homeowners updated throughout the construction process?
    You will receive a weekly schedule letting you know what will be happening on-site that week. There will be scheduled milestone walk-throughs with the builder. And of course, you will have our email and cell phone numbers if you have questions. We are often in communication weekly.
  • When can I visit the construction site during building?
    Please note that construction sites can be hazardous or unsafe at times. We understand your desire to check progress on your new home and we welcome you to do that when it's safest; after working hours. We just ask that you be cautious as you walk-through. There will be scheduled mile-stone walkthrough opportunities with the builder as well.
  • What selections can I choose for my home?
    We have an in-house Interior Designer to help with the selection process. Our designer will guide you through the selections process by: • Collecting your ideas • Making suggestions to keep your selections within budget • Guiding a cohesive look by using a mood board • Tracking deadlines to keep the project moving • Creating the buying guide and proceeding with ordering As far as the selection options, it is quite open depending on budget and availability. We offer varying options of guidance from Full Service Design, a complete, cohesive designed mood board for every room, to a Guided Service by pre-selecting several options within your design style or an Admin Service by providing you a list of needed items and deadlines. Most clients choose the full or guided service options as they are the most efficient and provide the best design outcome. We have a list of preferred vendors and will attend your selections meeting with those vendors. Nearly all selections will be made before excavation to help keep the building timeline on track and prevent delays.
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