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Details are Important to Us

Adding character and charm is something we try to accomplish in every house we build. This creative process becomes so fun when working with our custom homes clients. We've embarked on projects such as picking out a reclaimed barn wood mantle from a local farm, refurbishing a vintage utility sink to be used in a guest bath, installing a refinished antique sugar cabinet as a bath vanity, and more! Adding those special touches to your home can truly make it unique and add value.

We enjoy doing a few spec houses each year because it allows us to really get creative with our ideas. On the most recent spec house project, we decided we wanted to install a vintage pantry door in the kitchen. We started our search early and found so many charming doors. The hardware on some of these antique doors were definitely that of another time. The craftsmanship and thought that went into the door knobs, backplates, and even the hinges were unbelievable. Though we found some intriguing items, we just couldn't find what we had in mind for this space.

When you can't find it, you build it! We don't get the chance to personally build items often, because there are so many other aspects of our business that need attention, but Ryan was eager to gets his hands dirty with this one.

After browsing through hundreds of vintage doors we knew exactly what we wanted. Holly began sketching out the details for the new kitchen pantry door and within a few days Ryan was setting up his table saws to start the project!

This door is unique as it was much taller than most interior doors and it boasted details that you just don't find with modern store bought doors. To hide any pantry clutter, we incorporated a frost glass window. And of course, brass hardware was a must!

Because the kitchen did not have any wood cabinetry we decided to stain the wood to create balance within the space as the wood living room shelving, railing, and entry hall beams are all within sight.

Even though we were not able to find a vintage door, we are thrilled with how it turned out it! It is the perfect addition to this amazing kitchen.


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