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Preparing to Meet with a Builder

Spending some time to prepare for before meeting with a potential builder could save time and money down the road. Being clear with your builder about what you’d like in a home and what your budget is allows for more accurate cost estimates. This will help you stay on budget and the build process will go faster and smoother.

Below is a list of items to consider before your meeting:

Know Your Needs

It is okay to not have an exact floor plan nailed down before you meet but it is wise to have an idea of what your needs are. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, ranch vs two story, etc. We have several floor plans to choose from all of which you can customize along with having architects that can provide other plans if you can’t quite find for you are looking for.

Know Your Budget It is best to know your how much you can comfortably afford to spend on a new home. We highly recommend getting pre-approved for a loan before selecting floor plans and getting estimates, so you do not have to eliminate items later. Once finalized with your bank, it is imperative that you communicate that budget with your builder. A moving financial target or hiding your budget in hopes in getting something for less creates challenges and could end up costing you more in the end. Serenity Homes & Renovations openly shares pricing and can help you stay on goal with your spending.

Know Your Wants

Create a list of all the things you’d really enjoy having in your home. This is YOUR custom home. Prioritizing these wants, in order, helps define lines when you need to make budget choices. Some clients can’t live without their soaking tub, but really don’t need a walk-in pantry. Others may want an oversized island for entertaining. Knowing what you want and what you could skip (or add later) can save a lot of time as estimates are being prepared.

At Serenity Homes & Renovations we want to make building a new home a positive experience. We feel building should be a fun, exciting process and we have work hard to accomplish just that.


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